Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Well that is that for tonight...

I didn't play the last $5.50 tournament at 9.45pm but otherwise all other 7 tournaments were completed, albeit relatively unsuccessfully!

I got two min cashes, they were the only success story, coming in the $5.50 on Bwin and an equivalent on DTD. Otherwise it was a £40 loss for tonight across the both sites.

I don't intend to moan and give anyone a list of endless beats but I have taken positives from the fact that I did run incredibly bad in the main so with a lot of volume I hope to be able to see some more fortunate results.
However, I took notes on each tournament and the mistakes I felt I made, as well as talking over certain hands with Jon if I felt I had difficulties with them or wanted a second opinion. I certainly could have played better in certain hands but genuinely for a first night back in the game I was fairly happy with the way I played.

Although, I did tilt for a period, which I was surprised at myself for given I had gotten over this really. Sure after some serious volume all will be well.

Not sure when the next session will be, possibly Thursday, as I have work tomorrow night and on Fri/Sat so it may make sense to get a session in on Thurs. Plus, uni gets busier next week :(

Still have an issue with financing it, I want to be able to put in a consistent amount of volume but tonights session was £60 (net deposit), which even one session per week would work out at £240 per month, which isn't exactly sustainable without a substantial ROI. However, one factor that I am taking out of tonight is my inability to effectively multi-table. Its either a case of setting aside a good 6-8 hours in an evening and starting up 4 early on and playing the later tournaments, hopefully not overlapping too much, or just trimming down the number per night (the more likely). If this is the case I will obviously be buying in for a little less but that also means less volume...aghhhhh!

I will crunch some figures and have a look at things tomorrow because realistically with work, uni and a social life I could only put in 2 nights a week anyway.. If I can trim it down to £40 per session and play the lesser buy-ins then maybe I can hammer it out for 4-6 weeks and pray that I get a score to roll myself! Failing that then its going to be a temporary thing again.. :( Obviously not the right way to go about it but my options are pretty limited. To be discussed and ultimately continued..

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