Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Well that is that for tonight...

I didn't play the last $5.50 tournament at 9.45pm but otherwise all other 7 tournaments were completed, albeit relatively unsuccessfully!

I got two min cashes, they were the only success story, coming in the $5.50 on Bwin and an equivalent on DTD. Otherwise it was a £40 loss for tonight across the both sites.

I don't intend to moan and give anyone a list of endless beats but I have taken positives from the fact that I did run incredibly bad in the main so with a lot of volume I hope to be able to see some more fortunate results.
However, I took notes on each tournament and the mistakes I felt I made, as well as talking over certain hands with Jon if I felt I had difficulties with them or wanted a second opinion. I certainly could have played better in certain hands but genuinely for a first night back in the game I was fairly happy with the way I played.

Although, I did tilt for a period, which I was surprised at myself for given I had gotten over this really. Sure after some serious volume all will be well.

Not sure when the next session will be, possibly Thursday, as I have work tomorrow night and on Fri/Sat so it may make sense to get a session in on Thurs. Plus, uni gets busier next week :(

Still have an issue with financing it, I want to be able to put in a consistent amount of volume but tonights session was £60 (net deposit), which even one session per week would work out at £240 per month, which isn't exactly sustainable without a substantial ROI. However, one factor that I am taking out of tonight is my inability to effectively multi-table. Its either a case of setting aside a good 6-8 hours in an evening and starting up 4 early on and playing the later tournaments, hopefully not overlapping too much, or just trimming down the number per night (the more likely). If this is the case I will obviously be buying in for a little less but that also means less volume...aghhhhh!

I will crunch some figures and have a look at things tomorrow because realistically with work, uni and a social life I could only put in 2 nights a week anyway.. If I can trim it down to £40 per session and play the lesser buy-ins then maybe I can hammer it out for 4-6 weeks and pray that I get a score to roll myself! Failing that then its going to be a temporary thing again.. :( Obviously not the right way to go about it but my options are pretty limited. To be discussed and ultimately continued..

Schedule etc

Ok, well all this came about last week really, after a combination of chatting to Jon, organising the uni poker society games and starting uni generally again, which has many a poker memory! Further, I am now working part-time so have uber spare time for a change!

Anyway, sat down at my laptop on Saturday, nothing to do so booted up Stars. I have categorically ruled out cash games due to boredom and lack of volume basically plus other little issues. So, with the $20 or something I had on Stars I entered 2x $4.40 180mans. I came 3rd for an $85 score in one and bubbled another. Hey presto, motivation is back! On Monday I entered 4x $2.20 180mans, busted twice and came 8th and 10th in 2 others respectively, albeit for a measly cash.

I have a lot of leaks in my MTT game but can identify a lot of them and am prepared to improve in those areas, more so than putting in cash game volume. However, I recognise that the quality on Stars is better, the tournaments have larger fields etc etc. So I intend to stick to European sites, Boss/OnGame networks, upon the recommendation of Jon (actually quite impressed with Bwin).

Anyway, sort of having an issue with long term finance and roll issues really but here is my schedule for tonight. Will discuss other issues at a later date and analyse tonights turn of events.


6.15pm : $2.25 $1800 GTD

8.15pm : $22 $4000 GTD

8.30pm : $11 $4500 GTD

9pm : $5.50 $6000 GTD


7.35pm : €3.30 €1000 GTD

8pm : €6.60

8.35pm : €11 €3500 GTD

9.45pm : €5.50 €1000 GTD

Lets see how we go! GL

Rekindling the Romance

Well, I lasted ten or twelve weeks out the game. That was a really productive and really enjoyable ten or twelve weeks, its also a period in which I earnt a substantial amount of money and want to utilise that to add to the stock pile of cash I have, rather than spank it on trips or degen weekends.

I won't lie, I missed the game or aspects of it and I was both jealous and happy when Jon announced his staking deal. I took that to one side and thought a lot about it over the past few days-peer pressure meant I thought more about it! 1) I have always considered the Vic and taking shots to be the answer-its not, although I do hope to go back there more regularly soon, just when the money comes in! 2) In terms of hobbies and interests, I have and do less and less these days compared with school years gone by. Poker is the only really thing that I do outside of uni, productively anyway, otherwise its countless nights out etc, which as fun as they are, dont keep the mind working etc. I enjoy the skill and intellect involved in poker just as much as the social aspect.

So, coupled with the fact that I have much more spare time than I initially anticipated and the mrs is constantly out doing shit, I will pick the game up again! However, I intend to MTT grind where possible and leave the cash games for live play. MTTs are the only aspect to online poker I enjoy and they also offer the occasional big score as well as the facility to remain disciplined.

I will explain a little more in my next post after completing schedule 1 for tonight but basically, I will be posting again!

Friday, 14 August 2009

The End.

Warning: this could be a long post as I try to unravel my thoughts on poker and bring this blog/era of my life to an end.

I am no longer going to kid myself into believing that I enjoy grinding online and even enjoy playing online poker. The best moments I have had from playing online have either been winning large sums of money or losing large sums of money with Jon cos its comical to degens..
Grinding would not endure either of those, in theory. I can't win large sums of money quickly, I can't lose money. I played poker to earn myself some "pocket money" to do other things with. I have never been one of those kids that sits behind a tv on games consoles all their lives, it doesn't excite me one bit. Online poker demonstrates a similar trait, sitting behind a screen. I can only focus on it for an hour or so at a time and then I get bored, no interaction, no nothing.

I have now started working at Sports Bar and its immense, love every minute of it. Being behind the bar interacting with the customers, engaging in banter with them. With 15 50' HD Sony TVs, working during the football season will be immense and enduring the banter that comes along. I knew 60% of the staff already but get on with the others I have met already. Been working 5pm-close every night, earning about a tenner in tips, then having a few free drinks after work and catching the bus back with people. Plus I earn £200 a week exc tips. What more can you want? £200 pays my expenses per week and gives me money left over, I have a damn good time doing it. Poker? Would I earn £200 a week putting in the same hours...flat out no. Not online via grinding. I would have to risk my own money to do that, when at the moment its not really the best time for me to being doing that. Online poker is more boring, stressful and outright dull, imo. No interaction, nothing.

For the first time in my life I can hand on heart say I respect what an old mate, Dawesy, has done. He has done a lot of things wrong but I reckon he has a pretty sweet life in Notts, now I intend to do the same in London.

I am not going to be any dramatic, pointless promises that I can't keep. I will NEVER grind online again but I am going to keep Stars and only Stars on my laptop..I will set a deposit limit on it and if I fancy playing a tournament one night, I might. But I will set the limit to about $30 a month or something tedious.

I will still play live though and depending how I am feeling tomorrow night, may well go and play. Hopefully I won't have to many late shifts next week and I can hit the Vic. Got £250 in £50s sitting infront of me, needs to grow!

But yeh, thats that as far as I am concerned. Was fun while it lasted but it aint reality.. The people I am mates with in London who play, have pretty much stopped playing online and did so some time ago. They recognise that it aint fun and its easier to make money on the live scene and far more entertaining. I am livng with my girlfriend and pretty serious about our relationship. Lot of uncertainty around our future given different locations and stuff but we want to try and make it work but if push comes to shove and it doesnt work out then I at least want to be safe in the knowledge that I made the very most of it and had an amazing 3 years with her. I won't do that by playing bloody poker every night. The group of friends I have here are also a great bunch and poker isn't everything. For some strange reason I anticipate the forthcoming academic year to be a better one by making this decision..
And who knows what will happen with Newport etc cos everything is gradually breaking apart. Will be interesting to watch.

We shall see. The End.

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Well I left my flat last night with the intention of going to the Vic but never actually got there. Ended up having a sick night with some existing mates I bumped into and a whole bunch of new people. Was an awesome night and managed to throw in the fact it was my birthday a couple of days ago, which warranted celebrating. When the first shot hits the back of my throat at 6pm you know its gonna be a long night!!

In the mix were a few poker buddies and before getting too drunk we discussed a few things, as one of them was last years poker soc. VP. I am now taking the reigns off him so quite pleased with that, gives me something to do. He has also decided to increase his stake in me from £50 to £150 and one other guy has staked me £100. This is all good news as the fear of going bust isn't as daunting so I can play with more confidence. So I now have a live poker roll of £400 sitting infront of me, pretty sick!! Obv there are conditions to it but on a basic level they are taking 33% of my weekly profit, insisting that I play a minimum of 3 times a week and either leave with £100 profit or get up after 4 hours, which ever happens sooner. I pay back half their stakes at the end of August and the other half at the start of uni.

As a result of this, and other factors, I withdrew $140 from Stars this morning and am not re-depositing for a long time. To earn the same amount online as I do per hour in the Vic I'd have to be playing some serious stakes, which I cannot afford to roll myself for. Until such time as I am able to pump some serious money into Stars I am not going to be happy or content with spending hours of my life for $20-40 profit days. The bottom line is I play poker for the money!

I am also going into the bar in a couple of hours to find out if I have the job..if thats positive then its even better because the Vic is about a 10min walk from the bar and a bunch of people from work play there. Last time I took Tom there he walked with a £360 profit so can't imagine it will be too hard to convince him :P
So depending on shift patterns I intend to go there straight from work and grind it out for a couple of hours, utilise the faith a couple of mates have showed in me....lets hope I earn you guys some money now!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Just had my first session in a while and it was awful, diabolical.

There was an element of run bad and then just some hideous play by me off the back of it. I must have had JJ about 11 times and won twice.

Don't think I was really in the right frame of mind so got off prematurely. My inability to hit a flop just led to me making stupid calls and wild check raises etc. Restricted the losses to about $15!

Having spent a lot more time playing live recently I just don't seem to enjoy online and when I do, its only when I am winning. Theoretically this probably isn't a winning mentality. If I only enjoy playing when I am winning, online, then I am likely to have a pretty torrid time of it. Granted we can't all expect to win every session but the majority of players probably still take an element of enjoyment from a losing session, even if its in the form of analysing hands after. I don't do that at and certainly don't intend to at micro stakes.

Not too arsed about this now given I am withdrawing today or tomorrow but I may well give it some thought over the next couple of weeks. Time may be better spent in the Vic, where even if its looking like I am leaving home with nothing, I still enjoy the games.

Run Goot!

Firstly, nice work Jon for not only actually putting in the volume and getting back in the game but also eradicating tilt problems from your game. Was certainly your biggest leak and its well and truly plugged! Congrats...
Dedication and commitment goes a long way, just hope you keep it up throughout the summer.

My summer has also had a huge turn-a-round in the last few days. I took the gamble and decided to quit work, with the intention of going to Bulgaria, depending on my financial circumstances at the end of the week. Well, one of my qualms with the last job was the anti-social environment, the bullshit, the hours, the pretentious Cambridge graduates etc etc etc. Well, it would appear I have now landed a job in my mates' Dad's bar in West London. We go there quite a bit and its a pretty sick, swanky little place. Will have it confirmed tomorrow but yeh...looking good!!
Its about the same pay as I was on, its a much nicer working environment, I can work whilst studying come Sept, I am working with a good mate, I know most of the people that work there anyway. SICK!

Really really happy about that, not just for the reasons above but also cos my parents will definately ease up on going abroad..they will feel more comfortable knowing I can come back to a job.

This also benefits poker obviously, as I am able to continue to separate the money, thus being able to play more freely.

I am grinding all day today and tomorrow but will hopefully get the chance to hit the Vic later this evening.